Yahsin Huang

Yahsin is a tech writer in Taipei. She covers impacts of emerging technologies, especially blockchain, for various media outlets, such as Make magazine, TechLife magazine, Business Next, Meet Startup, Thinking Taiwan, Blockcast.it, BlockTempo, Diode, and Hacker Noon. Notable works are her tech reports of DevCon in Prague, Czech Republic, and EDCON in Sydney, Australia. In 2016, Yahsin helped start the Taipei Ethereum Meetup community. In 2019, Yahsin founded the RadicalxChange Taipei chapter. She has a bachelor’s degree in English literature from National Dong Hwa University.

Yahsin Huang 黃雅信畢業於國立東華大學英美語文學系。關注科技趨勢、新媒體藝術及網路新創,在臺北從事新聞採訪寫作和中英文字撰稿工作,文章散見科技生活雜誌、Make 國際中文版雜誌、Event 活動平台雜誌、數位時代雜誌、Meet 創業小聚網站。 歡迎追蹤我的 Twitter 帳號:@YahsinHuang